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 This module is designed as a better alternative of piston-pump, centrifugal pump and progressive cavity pump plants, produced and commonly used presently



  • It can be used as one or several in parallel for oil or formation fluid transferring to decantation or storage reservoirs
  • It should be used for layer pressure maintaining through reinjection of waste liquid in the oil bearing layer
  • The module can be mounted (two or more in parallel) in a container or a motor car



  • Discreet regulation of the performance from 100 to 600 m3 /24 hours through successive inclusion of 1 to 6 modules comprising a station for layer pressure maintenance
  • High efficiency in all modes of operation
  • Possibility for installation close to the borehole that decreases to a minimum the risk of emergency waste water spills
  • High maintainability in view of the standard hydraulic elements used
  • Possibility for out-of-service module repair without need of turning off the whole station
  • High degree of automation


Engineering characteristics:

  • Performance:
50-100 m³/ 24 h
  • Nominal output pressure:
10-15 MPa
  • Nominal input pressure:
0,4 MPa
  • Liquid consistence: ³
800-1200 kg/ m
  • Liquid temperature:
0 to +55 °C
  • Consumption of electrical power:
40 kW
  • Input power:
380 V
  • Overall dimensions:
1,47 х 1,18 х 1,99 m
  • Weight:
700 kg
  • High energy efficiency:
  • Resource to maintenance:
6 months
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