Chart of our high temperature hydraulic protection


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High temperature hydraulic protection special characteristics:

  • Our high temperature hydraulic protection is applicable for all types of submersible pump plants with dimensions from 5 to 9 inches and particularly in oil extracting at high temperatures (up to 200°C)
  • The one tag of the hydraulic protection shaft ends in bearing assembly of two radial and one axial bearings. This technical solution decreases to minimum their regular axial and radial shaft rotation and ensures optimal conditions for the mechanical seal operating and reliable tightness of the whole structure
  • Application of those bearings has one more advantage – higher efficiency and resources at a wide range of shaft’s speed and higher endurance for the considerable axle load
  • In our structure, instead the traditional membrane, we use a piston in order to consolidate the shaft and the cylinder. That decision ensures better oil cooling in the electric motor connected to our high temperature hydraulic protection
  • In order to prevent the deposition of salts in the shaft and the cylinder, the open section of the hydraulic protection unit is filled with a high viscosity oil


Engineering characteristics:

  • Maximum transmitted mech. power:
125 kW
  • Oil volume:
4 litre
  • Shaft’s speed:
100-3000 min-¹
  • Maximum axial pressure:
5 KN
  • Internal pressure:
0,3 Mpa
  • Fatigue affects/repair cycle:
10 000 h
  • Corpus’ diameter:
105 mm
  • Length:
1380 mm
  • Weigh:
50 kg
  • Maximum work temperature:
200 °C
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