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  • The submersible hydraulic reducer is a submersible hydraulic static transducer designed for driving of submersible progressive cavity /rotary/ pump in oil extraction process, by transforming the electric motor’s high speed (3000 RPM or 1500 RPM) to slow-motion (from 100 RPM to 350 RPM)
  • Depending on the required flow rate, our hydraulic reducer allows oil to be extracted from depths up to 2500 m
  • Our submersible hydraulic reducer is very adaptive. For optimal operation of the submersible progressive cavity pump, the submersible hydraulic reducer can be designed in different variations, for different speed of rotation of the output shaft, as well as different output shaft torque



  • It enables seamless yield of twisted and deviated bore holes
  • It requires significantly less power for the electric motor’s propulsion
  • It ensures a different gear ratio of the electric motor’s speed of rotation in the range 100-350 RPM without change of the overall dimensions
  • It does not depend on weather conditions and allows extraction at temperatures below (-38 °C), which shall not be permitted for pumps with traditional surface-based drives
  • It simplifies and speeds up the process of lowering and lifting of the pump unit
  • The high torque ensures seamless starting even after a prolonged stay
  • Easy repair


Engineering characteristics:

  • Driven pump performance:
5- 30 m³/24 hours = 31 to 190 barrels/24 hours
  • Maximum depth of oil extraction:
2500 m
  • Transformed mechanical power:
7 to 15 kW
  • Output shaft mechanical power:
12 kW
  • Safe bearing capacity of cardan axle:
5 000 N
  • RPM Number of the output shaft:
100-350 min-¹
  • Diameter
102 mm
  • Length (with hydroprotection unit and cardan axle):
6100 mm
  • Weight:
150 кg
  • Higher energy efficiency:
  • Resource to first maintenance:
400 x 24 = apr. 10,000 hours
  • Operational mode:


Assembly chart of our submersible hydraulic reducer





Work chart

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